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   Developing Energy for the Future -

     Fusion Energy and Advanced Nuclear Technology

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About us


HOPE Innovations Inc. (HOPE) is a Canadian technology company dedicated to the development of nuclear fusion energy and advanced nuclear technologies. Nuclear fusion energy is one of most promising candidates to meet the world's future needs for abundant, clean and sustainable energy. However, despite more than 50 years of effort by the world's leading researchers, a practical fusion power solution has remained elusive. HOPE's novel approach is inspired by natural phenomenon: the solar core that produces the high temperatures and densities necessary to sustain fusion; lightning, strikes that rapidly heat moisturised air into plasma, and natural water, which contains a virtually inexhaustible supply of fuel. 


HOPE's fusion energy source also offers the potential to reduce the inventory of hazardous radioactive waste materials in the world. Utilizing the neutron by-products of fusion reactions, HOPE is working with publicly funded research partner institutions to develop a concept for a "converter" and "hybrid reactor" to use fusion neutrons to transform Thorium into fissile uranium and to re-use Spent nuclear fuel to generate power and reduce waste volume.


HOPE Management Team

Dr. Henry Xianjun Zheng, Chief Scientist

Willy Liu, Chief Technology Officer

Mickey Masuda, Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Wallace, VP, Engineering  

Dr. Henry Xianjun Zheng,

Chief Scientist of HOPE Innovations Inc.

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