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   Developing Energy for the Future -

     Fusion Energy and Advanced Nuclear Technology

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Our mission is ...

To develop and commercialize a practical system for unlocking the potential of nuclear fusion to deliver  a readily available, environmentally sustainable and economical energy source.


Fusion is one of the most promising
candidates to meet the world's future needs for safe, clean, abundant and sustainable energy.


The high energy neutrons produced by a fusion chamber could be used to convert waste fuel from fission plants into a reusable form, greatly reducing the volume of waste generated by nuclear power plants in the world. 

Clean Fusion Energy

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HOPE's Fusion Concept uses intersecting high-current plasma beams passing through a common focal region to create conditions similar to those inside the solar core. The heavy hydrogen isotopes found in water will fuel fusion reactions inside the common focal region under the magnetic-inertial confinement technology to produce net energy gain. 

Thorium Converter

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Working with our research partners, we are developing a concept for a "converter" to use fusion neutrons to transform thorium into the
fissile uranium, to help meet the projected needs for fuel to support rapid expansion of nuclear fission energy in expanding markets, such as China. A large amount of thorium exists in low-level radioactive waste tailings from mining operations around the world.

Re-use Spent Nuclear Fuel 

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Used nuclear reactor fuel still contains enough fissile fuel material to power a reactor several times over. Around the world, nuclear power plants have produced an estimated 250,000 tonnes of waste fuel that is currently in interim storage. A HOPE neutron source offers a potential means to capture the useful energy and significantly reduce waste volumes and reactivity.